by Faux Faux Amis

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'Cause our love should be fifty fifty 

I ain't pullin' nothin' shifty 
Uh-huh, it ain't right
'Cause our love should be fifty fifty

It's not I pour the glass, and you drink the whisky 
Nuh-uh, it aint right

They say relationships all take work 

You get back what you put in 

Well I don't mean to sound like a jerk 

But your share's a little too thin
We got ourselves a division of labour 

But it ain't working for me 

There's one side that it seems to favour 

When it means 'you mess' and 'I clean'

There's a style to which you're accustomed 

And I can understand that 

But I'm not your slave, we're wife and husband 

We need to have a chat
When I'm cooking, you're just relaxing 

And when I clean, you're gone 

It's a concern when your day's most taxing task:
Turn the TV on

You couldn't find the kitchen if I drew you a map 

You said you'd make the bed but you took a nap 

Right down the middle's where I draw the line 

You ain't ducking out this time

(Chords: C Am C Am Dm Em
C Am F G)


released August 6, 2016
Written by Luke McGrath. Performed by Chris Gleeson, Kevin Lauro and Luke McGrath. Produced by Nick McCorriston. Mastered by Bruce Callaway. Art by Fiona McLeod.




Faux Faux Amis Queanbeyan, Australia

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